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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Burtt, 8 books
Bill Main, 8 books
Richard Goff, 2 books
Sherry Sontag, 2 books
Ann Kelleher, 2 books
Ian Hogg, 2 books
Janice Terry, 2 books
Jiu-Hwa Upshur, 2 books
DK Publishing, 2 books
Mary Pradt, 2 books
Betsy Dexter, 2 books
Robert Powell, 2 books
Scott Nearing, 2 books
Christopher Lee, 2 books
Harriet Jones, 2 books
Daniel Marvin, 2 books
Mark Clapson, 2 books
Roger Friedland, 2 books
Laura Klein, 2 books
Deirdre Boden, 2 books
Helen Nearing, 2 books
Michael Hout, 1 book
Davis, Richard Harding, 1 book
Clifton Daniel, 1 book
Chester W. Hartman, 1 book


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