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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brother Andrew, 3 books
Carl Lawrence, 2 books
Charles Colson, 2 books
Sharon Linzey, 2 books
Ken Kaisch, 2 books
Verne Becker, 2 books
Donald Anderson McGavran, 1 book
Walter A. Henrichsen, 1 book
V. Ben Kendrick, 1 book
Andrew Fuller, 1 book
Dean S. Gilliland, 1 book
Jock Purves, 1 book
Jonathan Edwards, 1 book
John Dekker, 1 book
Adrian Parker, 1 book
Whitaker, David., 1 book
Marc R. Nikkel, 1 book
Paul Longacre, 1 book
Don J. Baxter, 1 book
Mari Gonzalez, 1 book
Todd Johnson, 1 book
S. Kuhn, 1 book
Gerald Anderson, 1 book
Pablo Deiros, 1 book
Ralph G. Turnbull, 1 book


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