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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rius., 19 books
Falcón, 5 books
Kabeza, 4 books
Rius, 3 books
Pablo Quezada, 3 books
Esther Acevedo, 3 books
Trino, 3 books
Jis, 3 books
José Luis Trueba Lara, 2 books
Cecilia Pego, 2 books
Agustín Sánchez González, 1 book
Jorge Carreño Alvarado, 1 book
Alfredo Larrauri, 1 book
Michel Antochiw, 1 book
José Gómez Rosas, 1 book
Jabaz., 1 book
Juácer., 1 book
Marco Aurelio Almazán, 1 book
Helioflores., 1 book
Alberto Beltrán, 1 book
Rafael Carrasco Puente, 1 book
Alvaro Rivera, 1 book
Alvaro Rivera, 1 book
Hilario Luna Castro, 1 book
Rubén, 1 book


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