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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Parker, Steve., 16 books
Susan Meredith, 3 books
Wendy Oldfield, 3 books
Neil Ardley, 3 books
Kay Davies, 3 books
David Smith, 2 books
Richard Walker, 2 books
Philip Booth, 2 books
R. Soper, 2 books
Jane Songi, 2 books
Kuo Kang Chen, 2 books
Steve Myers, 2 books
Katharine McEwen, 2 books
S.Tyrell Smith, 2 books
Lucille Keir, 2 books
Steve Parker, 2 books
David West, 2 books
Heather Amery, 2 books
Pete Sanders, 2 books
Connie Krebs, 2 books
Donald Reid, 2 books
Paul Dawson, 1 book
Mike Unwin, 1 book
Morton Jenkins, 1 book
Paul Richardson, 1 book


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