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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Howard Dully, 7 books
Charles Fleming, 7 books
Cecil Murphey, 3 books
William T. O'Donohue, 2 books
Wendell MacLeod, 2 books
Ben Carson, 2 books
Patricia Romanowski, 2 books
Steve, 2 books
Patricia Broadbent, 2 books
Kyle E. Ferguson, 2 books
Libbie Park, 2 books
Stanley Ryerson, 2 books
John E. Castaldo, 2 books
Lawrence P. Levitt, 2 books
Brian Hartford, 2 books
Peggy McCardle, 2 books
Marilyn Moody, 2 books
George Freeman Solomon, 2 books
Huitema, 2 books
Pieter, 2 books
Wayne Lott Brawner, 2 books
Marilyn R. Moody, 2 books
Edwina A. McConnell, 1 book
Penny Armstrong, 1 book
Edward Ziegler, 1 book


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