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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Neil S. Jacobson, 6 books
Len Sperry, 5 books
Gerald R. Weeks, 5 books
Jürg Willi, 5 books
Donald H. Baucom, 4 books
Alan S. Gurman, 4 books
Leslie S. Greenberg, 4 books
David Morris Schnarch, 4 books
Johnson, Susan M., 4 books
Joan Lachkar, 4 books
Peter D. Kramer, 3 books
Jon Carlson, 3 books
Luciano L'Abate, 3 books
Daniel B. Wile, 3 books
Edward M. Waring, 2 books
Ira D. Glick, 2 books
Curtis, John, 2 books
Timothy J. O'Farrell, 2 books
Leroy G. Baruth, 2 books
Gregory W. Brock, 2 books
Toby Bobes, 2 books
S. Allen Wilcoxon, 2 books
Barbara S. McCrady, 2 books
Phillip C. McGraw, 2 books
Judith P. Siegel, 2 books


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