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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lorne Tepperman, 3 books
J. Marshall Beier, 3 books
Jean-Pierre Marco, 3 books
Cynthia Y. Young, 2 books
John Steckley, 2 books
Myra J. Hird, 2 books
James E. Curtis, 2 books
P. W. Atkins, 2 books
Close, David, 2 books
Vicki Hollett, 2 books
Agi O'Hara, 2 books
Jean-Pierre Escofier, 2 books
George C. Pavlich, 2 books
Patrice Tauvel, 2 books
Michel Divay, 2 books
Jean-Marie Monier, 2 books
José-Philippe Pérez, 2 books
Robert J. Brym, 2 books
Lorne Tepperman, 2 books
Harry H. Hiller, 2 books
Peter Alan Morton, 2 books
Daniel Fredon, 2 books
Mark Charlton, 2 books
Laurent Lazzarini, 2 books
Thomas H. Cormen, 1 book


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