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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stephen Elkins, 5 books
Marla Frazee, 3 books
Claire Freedman, 3 books
Jane Yolen, 3 books
Charlotte Pomerantz, 3 books
Jane Dyer, 3 books
Pete Seeger, 3 books
Dora Leder, 2 books
Adelaide L. J. Gosset, 2 books
Daniel Kirk, 2 books
Melody Carlson, 2 books
Maribeth Boelts, 2 books
Margaret Wise Brown, 2 books
Jane Cabrera, 2 books
Joan E. Goodman, 2 books
Lindolfo Gomes, 2 books
Lulu Delacre, 2 books
Kay Chorao, 2 books
Judy Blankenship, 2 books
Susan Hagen Nipp, 2 books
Sarah Withrow, 2 books
Patrick Lacoursiere, 2 books
Robin Bell Corfield, 2 books
Marcus Pfister, 2 books
Linda Wingerter, 2 books


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