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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Spilsbury, 3 books
Robin Alice Merritt, 3 books
Nancy Dickmann, 2 books
Suzanne Slade, 2 books
Angela Royston, 2 books
Midas Dekkers, 2 books
L. L. Owens, 2 books
Kevin Sheehan, 1 book
Wendy Perkins, 1 book
Janet Pedersen, 1 book
Catherine Stephens, 1 book
Belinda Weber, 1 book
Wendy Lanier, 1 book
Laura Purdie Salas, 1 book
Pennie Stoyles, 1 book
Dana Kababik, 1 book
Anita Ganeri, 1 book
David T. Suzuki, 1 book
Bobbie Kalman, 1 book
Chris Oxlade, 1 book
Peter Calow, 1 book
Sally Hewitt, 1 book
Martin, Linda, 1 book
Elisabeth Brami, 1 book
David Suzuki, 1 book


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