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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Henry Winkler, 8 books
Kate Lyon, 5 books
Kenneth A. Kavale, 5 books
John Tufail, 5 books
Melvin D. Levine, 5 books
William M. Cruickshank, 5 books
Doreen Kronick, 4 books
Anne Ford, 4 books
Marietta Chicorel, 4 books
Betty B. Osman, 4 books
Peter S. Westwood, 4 books
Paul E. Dennison, 3 books
Larry A. Faas, 3 books
Lowell F. Masters, 3 books
Peggy Ramundo, 3 books
Jill Smith, 3 books
Sally Goddard, 3 books
Sheila Greenwald, 3 books
Corinne Roth Smith, 3 books
Kate Kelly, 3 books
William N. Bender, 3 books
Pasquale J. Accardo, 3 books
Joan M. Harwell, 3 books
Dale S. Brown, 3 books
Peter Kevin Hainsworth, 3 books


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