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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sue Palmer, 39 books
Avril Barton, 36 books
Peter Brinton, 35 books
Kate Ruttle, 30 books
Richard McRoberts, 27 books
Gill Budgell, 24 books
John Jackman, 14 books
Hilary Frost, 12 books
Marcia Pope, 7 books
Paul Shipton, 6 books
Liz George, 6 books
Albany Bilbe, 6 books
Camille L.Z. Blachowicz, 5 books
M.E. Brown, 5 books
Camille Blachowicz, 5 books
Pat Craig-Jones, 5 books
Brian Twiddy, 5 books
Yvonne Peacock, 5 books
Frank McNeil, 5 books
Jane Stamford, 4 books
A.S. Christensen, 4 books
M. Odendaal, 4 books
C.J. van der Merwe, 4 books
Andrew Parker, 4 books
Wendy Wren, 3 books


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