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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yosef Kats, 5 books
Moshe Smilansky, 3 books
Zvi Shilony, 2 books
Efraim Orni, 2 books
Leah Doukhan-Landau, 2 books
Jewish National Fund., 2 books
Adolf Boehm, 2 books
Amiad Brezner, 2 books
Chanina Porat, 2 books
Ḥanina Porat, 2 books
Osnat Shiran, 2 books
Tirtsa Haviv-Green, 2 books
Iris Graicer, 2 books
Moshé Nes-El, 2 books
Nili Liphschitz, 2 books
Derek Jonathan Penslar, 2 books
Mascha Hoff, 1 book
Avraham Rubinstein, 1 book
Asher Silfen, 1 book
Weitz, Joseph, 1 book
Dov Gavish, 1 book
Eric Engel Tuten, 1 book
A. Granott, 1 book
Getzel Kressel, 1 book
Nathan Bistrizky, 1 book


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