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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joan Nathan, 6 books
Ruth Grossman, 5 books
Evelyn Rose, 4 books
Faye Levy, 4 books
Mildred L. Covert, 4 books
Frances R. AvRutick, 3 books
Fannie Engle, 3 books
June Roth, 3 books
Gloria Kaufer Greene, 3 books
Paula Smith, 3 books
Esther Levy, 3 books
Dorothy Seaman, 3 books
Robert I. Gordon, 3 books
Gil Marks, 3 books
Judy Zeidler, 3 books
Alena Krekulová, 3 books
Pamela Reiss, 3 books
Marlena Spieler, 3 books
Edda Servi Machlin, 3 books
Kay Kantor Pomerantz, 3 books
Benny Saida, 3 books
Betty S. Goldberg, 3 books
Nirah Ruso, 2 books
Bacon, Josephine, 2 books
Malvina W. Liebman, 2 books


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