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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jayson Falkner, 5 books
David M. Geary, 5 books
Hans Bergsten, 3 books
Damon Hougland, 3 books
James Goodwill, 2 books
Jason Brittain, 2 books
Chuck Cavaness, 2 books
Rod Johnson, 2 books
Simon Brown, 2 books
Aaron Tavistock, 2 books
Larry Kim, 2 books
Jose Annunziato, 2 books
Casey Kochmer, 2 books
Ben Galbraith, 2 books
Srikanth Shenoy, 2 books
Nithin Mallya, 2 books
Gal Shachor, 2 books
Marty Hall, 2 books
Lou Marco, 2 books
Thomas J. Myers, 1 book
Aneesha Bakharia, 1 book
Gary Watson, 1 book
Kurniawan, Budi., 1 book
David Geary, 1 book
Kito D. Mann, 1 book


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