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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Andrew M. Greeley, 8 books
Michael Patrick MacDonald, 4 books
Alice McDermott, 3 books
James T. Farrell, 3 books
Julie Lessman, 3 books
J. G. Hayes, 2 books
Luanne Rice, 2 books
Eugene O'Neill, 2 books
Claire Cook, 2 books
James Michael Pratt, 2 books
Maureen Howard, 2 books
Michael Gregory Stephens, 2 books
Mickey Clement, 2 books
Neal Shine, 1 book
Taylor Caldwell, 1 book
Daniel Donaghy, 1 book
Elise Juska, 1 book
Mike Leonard, 1 book
Ann Napolitano, 1 book
Ed Dee, 1 book
Bertha M. Blacker, 1 book
Plain, Belva., 1 book
Robert Girardi, 1 book
Smith, Dennis, 1 book
Basil Douros, 1 book


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