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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zvi Bodie, 3 books
Alex Kane, 3 books
IEEE, 3 books
Gerald W. Perritt, 3 books
Alpha Books, 2 books
Bradford Dunson Jordan, 2 books
Charles J. Corrado, 2 books
Alan J. Marcus, 2 books
IEEE Neural Networks Council, 2 books
Puneet Handa, 2 books
Ken Kurson, 2 books
Alan Lavine, 2 books
David Faber, 2 books
John C. Hsu, 1 book
Edward Whitley, 1 book
Sid Mittra, 1 book
John Labuszewski, 1 book
Amy L. Domini, 1 book
J. Thomas Monk, 1 book
Rowan Bosworth-Davies, 1 book
Steven D. Lydenberg, 1 book
Paul Sarnoff, 1 book
David C. Bowie, 1 book
William J. Wagner, 1 book
Brian Hicks, 1 book


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