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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
R. B. Smith, 2 books
Reinhold Rost, 2 books
Beryl Williams, 2 books
Shiraishi, Takashi, 1 book
R. B. Smith, 1 book
Anne Raffin, 1 book
Eric Thomas Jennings, 1 book
Marie-Paule Ha, 1 book
Sophie Quinn-Judge, 1 book
Kathryn Robson, 1 book
Nicola Cooper, 1 book
L. Blusse, 1 book
Motoo Furuta, 1 book
George Fetherling, 1 book
Steven J. Hood, 1 book
A. J. Gooszen, 1 book
Anne Raffin, 1 book
P. J. Marshall, 1 book
Diana Kim, 1 book
Odd Arne Westad, 1 book


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