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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Blum, David, 1 book
David Cox, 1 book
Alan Tyson, 1 book
Auerbach, Erich, 1 book
John Amis, 1 book
David Vassall Cox, 1 book
Dan O'Donnell, 1 book
Brendan O'Dowda, 1 book
Dave Marsh, 1 book
Robert Flemming, 1 book
Victor Borge, 1 book
Malcolm MacDonald, 1 book
David Blum, 1 book
Harold Leventhal, 1 book
Michael Rose, 1 book
A. Hyatt King, 1 book
Andrew Ford, 1 book
Woody Guthrie, 1 book
Robert Sherman, 1 book
Robin MacOnie, 1 book
Belinda Webster, 1 book
Albi Rosenthal, 1 book
Alec H. King, 1 book
Messiaen, Olivier, 1 book
Percy French, 1 book


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