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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
MacDougal, Daniel Trembly, 6 books
Mari C. Schuh, 5 books
L. T. Evans, 4 books
Katherine Esau, 3 books
J. Eugene Fox, 3 books
Albert Demolon, 3 books
G. E. Fogg, 3 books
Waldo S. Glock, 3 books
Claire Llewellyn, 3 books
O. W. Willcox, 3 books
Angela Royston, 3 books
Christian Wolff, 3 books
P. F. Wareing, 3 books
Peter J. Davies, 3 books
Roderick Hunt, 3 books
N. B. Ward, 2 books
Howard S. Reed, 2 books
Joan Elma Rahn, 2 books
Russell, Edward J. Sir, 2 books
Nicola Edwards, 2 books
Caroline Mockford, 2 books
F. C. Steward, 2 books
P. F. Wareing, 2 books
Watson M. Laetsch, 2 books
Black, Michael., 2 books


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