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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George Whitefield, 20 books
Jonathan Edwards, 16 books
Chauncy, Charles, 11 books
Alan Heimert, 4 books
John Caldwell, 4 books
Norma Jean Lutz, 3 books
Garden, Alexander, 3 books
J. F., 3 books
M. Darrol Bryant, 2 books
C. C. Goen, 2 books
William Cooper, 2 books
Dickinson, Jonathan, 2 books
David S. Lovejoy, 2 books
Hancock, John, 2 books
Yale College (1718-1887), 2 books
Josiah Smith, 2 books
Edwin S. Gaustad, 2 books
Frank Lambert, 2 books
William C. Conant, 2 books
J. M. Bumsted, 2 books
Tracy, Joseph, 2 books
Gilbert Tennent, 2 books
Yale College., 2 books
Scott Maze, 2 books
Richard L. Bushman, 2 books


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