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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
R. Miron, 2 books
Stefan Hildebrandt, 2 books
P. J. Giblin, 2 books
Ulrich Dierkes, 2 books
J. W. Bruce, 2 books
F. Tricerri, 1 book
Gong, Sheng, 1 book
Evie Yoder Miller, 1 book
Olivier Druet, 1 book
L. Markus, 1 book
Klaus Ecker, 1 book
Jost-Hinrich Eschenburg, 1 book
A. T. Fomenko, 1 book
David Hilbert, 1 book
D. Ferus, 1 book
Theral O. Moore, 1 book
W. N. Everitt, 1 book
R. S. Pathak, 1 book
Edwin H. Hadlock, 1 book
Krishan L. Duggal, 1 book
Gestur Olafsson, 1 book
Guy David, 1 book
R. Lee, 1 book
Jürgen Jost, 1 book
Albrecht Kuster, 1 book


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