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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chris Welch, 9 books
John Lennon, 6 books
Richard Bradley, 5 books
John W. Scott, 5 books
Music Sales Corporation, 5 books
Mike Dolgushkin, 5 books
Martin Roach, 4 books
Bryan Dray, 4 books
Dave Bowler, 4 books
Pete Best, 3 books
Richard Barnes, 3 books
Paolo Hewitt, 3 books
Calif.) Rolling Stone (San Francisco, 3 books
Pink Floyd, 3 books
Jann Wenner, 3 books
Jann S. Wenner, 3 books
Stu Nixon, 3 books
Dave Lewis, 3 books
Chris Charlesworth, 3 books
Paul McCartney, 3 books
Jim Jenkins, 2 books
Stephen Davis, 2 books
Pete Townshend, 2 books
James Brody, 2 books
Mike Clifford, 2 books


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