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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Laura Katz Olson, 2 books
Barbara Hobom, 1 book
Claudia Eberhard-Metzger, 1 book
Peter Singer, 1 book
Robert Louis Stevenson, 1 book
Daniel L. Hartl, 1 book
Lynn Margulis, 1 book
Matt Ridley, 1 book
Mark Schena, 1 book
David Sankoff, 1 book
Terence A. Brown, 1 book
Anatoly Ruvinsky, 1 book
Ingrid Glomp, 1 book
C.R. Bartram, 1 book
J.P. Beckmann, 1 book
F. Breyer, 1 book
G. Fey, 1 book
C. Fonatsch, 1 book
B. Irrgang, 1 book
J. Taupitz, 1 book
K.-M. Seel, 1 book
F. Thiele, 1 book
T. A. Brown, 1 book
Bertrand Jordan, 1 book
G. P. Rédei, 1 book


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