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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joe Boyd, 41 books
Walter Whitelaw, 41 books
Wendy Clemson, 36 books
David Clemson, 36 books
Lesley Cameron, 33 books
Sheilah Jackson, 33 books
David Brodie, 27 books
Gareth Williams, 26 books
Sue Adamson, 26 books
Nigel Heslop, 26 books
diana mcguiness, 26 books
Penny Coltman, 22 books
Graham Peacock, 22 books
Mary Jones, 15 books
Roy Richardson, 13 books
Richard Gott, 12 books
James Williams, 12 books
Kay Davies, 12 books
Barbara Taylor, 11 books
B Prestt, 11 books
Geoff Jones, 11 books
Andrew Porter, 10 books
Terry Jennings, 10 books
Brian Arnold, 10 books
Ken Foulds, 10 books


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