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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brian Williams, 5 books
Brenda Williams, 4 books
Andrew Langley, 4 books
OUP, 4 books
Martha J. Marth, 3 books
Colin King, 2 books
Michael Dempsey, 2 books
Jane Elliott, 2 books
Del Marth, 2 books
Kay Barnham, 2 books
Robin Lawrie, 2 books
Richard Platt, 1 book
Jan Burgess, 1 book
Diagram Group., 1 book
John Porter, 1 book
Sonntag, Linda., 1 book
Automobile Association (Great Britain), 1 book
Alan Isaacs, 1 book
Valerie Illingworth, 1 book
David Wallechinsky, 1 book
Stephen Biesty, 1 book
J. Elliot, 1 book
Earle Buckingham, 1 book
Andrew Duncan, 1 book
Anne Marshall, 1 book


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