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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Martin Schleef, 4 books
Joseph Panno, 4 books
David T. Curiel, 4 books
Theodore Friedmann, 3 books
Nicholas R. Lemoine, 3 books
Rakesh Srivastava, 3 books
Wolfgang Walther, 3 books
G. Subramanian, 3 books
Razelle Kurzrock, 3 books
Mouldy Sioud, 3 books
Mark A. Findeis, 3 books
Stanton L. Gerson, 3 books
Giuseppe Remuzzi, 3 books
D. D. Lasic, 3 books
Rainer Paslack, 3 books
Kevin J. Scanlon, 3 books
Peter Walden, 3 books
Yves Christen, 3 books
Daniel Scherman, 2 books
K. K. Jain, 2 books
Evelyn B. Kelly, 2 books
Anderson, Robert E., 2 books
Ian McKay, 2 books
W. Jean Dodds, 2 books
G. Giraldo, 2 books


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