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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Darren Shan, 18 books
Matthew Carnahan, 2 books
Robert Bogdan, 2 books
Darin Strauss, 2 books
Lianke Yan, 2 books
Annette Curtis Klause, 2 books
Jonathan Bass, 2 books
Kieran Larwood, 2 books
Drew Friedman, 2 books
Helen Davies, 1 book
Julie Hearn, 1 book
Linda Frost, 1 book
Philip McGowan, 1 book
Robert Chalmers, 1 book
Steve Niles, 1 book
Marlene Tromp, 1 book
Ellen Bryson, 1 book
Thomas Richard Fahy, 1 book
Benjamin Reiss, 1 book
Peter Payer, 1 book
Ed McClanahan, 1 book
Stephen Anthony Edell, 1 book
Christopher Hals Gylseth, 1 book
Budde, Robert, 1 book
Julie Hearn , 1 book


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