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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
McManners, John., 4 books
Joseph Bergin, 3 books
Thomas A. Brady, 3 books
Thomas Head, 2 books
Sean Martin, 2 books
Philip Conner, 2 books
Mark Gregory Pegg, 2 books
Raymond Jonas, 2 books
David S. Bachrach, 2 books
Blake R. Beattie, 2 books
J. Michael Hayden, 2 books
Mark Greengrass, 2 books
Lindy Grant, 2 books
Knecht, R. J., 2 books
Malcolm Barber, 2 books
Yitzhak Hen, 2 books
Timothy Tackett, 2 books
M. Cecilia Gaposchkin, 2 books
Bernard S. Bachrach, 2 books
Mack P. Holt, 2 books
Noah Shusterman, 2 books
Gregory I. Halfond, 2 books
Michael Leese, 2 books
Joseph Bergin, 2 books
Claire Taylor, 2 books


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