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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Justin Heimberg, 6 books
David Gomberg, 6 books
Bill Adler, 3 books
Helen Exley, 3 books
Lisa Swerling, 3 books
Ralph Lazar, 3 books
Bill Stott, 3 books
Johnny Lyons, 3 books
Billy Edd Wheeler, 2 books
Leonard Stern, 2 books
Loyal Jones, 2 books
Richard Lederer, 2 books
Mr. J., 2 books
Edward Philips, 2 books
Jack Bunn, 2 books
Roger Price, 2 books
Bill Holmes, 2 books
Jim Green, 1 book
Rusty Wright, 1 book
Cathy Hopkins, 1 book
David Southwell, 1 book
Patrice Newell, 1 book
J. John, 1 book
Atilio Bazano, 1 book
Louis A. Safian, 1 book


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