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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zhigang Yang, 3 books
Jinglun Wang, 3 books
Li, Min., 2 books
A. White, 2 books
May Holdsworth, 2 books
Roderick MacFarquhar, 2 books
Si Xiang, 2 books
Jiaguo Xu, 2 books
Zilin Wang, 2 books
Shiona Airlie, 1 book
Mario Sabattini, 1 book
Xie, Mincong., 1 book
Jianfei Zhu, 1 book
Zhang, Xichang., 1 book
Frank Dorn, 1 book
Geremie Barmé, 1 book
Jean-Paul Desroches, 1 book
Jacqueline Morley, 1 book
Po Liu, 1 book
Trish Marx, 1 book
Gilles Béguin, 1 book
Pin Liao, 1 book
Lei Cao, 1 book
Shiyuan Shan, 1 book
Shunyuan Jiang, 1 book


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