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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sydney Thorne, 52 books
Bryan Goodman-Stephens, 49 books
Howard Baxter, 48 books
Michael Handbury, 48 books
Paul Rogers, 48 books
Gwen Berwick, 47 books
Rosi McNab, 44 books
Rosa Maria Martin, 43 books
Martyn Ellis, 43 books
Richard Marsden, 41 books
Daniele Bourdais, 36 books
John Mahoney, 35 books
Stewart Martin, 35 books
Sue Finnie, 33 books
L. Bostock, 28 books
Bernard Kavanagh, 26 books
Liz Roselman, 26 books
Graham Booth, 25 books
A. Shepherd, 24 books
Lawrence Briggs, 24 books
Ann Miller, 24 books
Duncan Sidwell, 23 books
Stanley Thornes, 23 books
Penny Capoore, 23 books
Amanda Rainger, 22 books


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