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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Corbin, Charles B., 7 books
Gregory J Welk, 6 books
William R Corbin, 5 books
Kirsten Hartvig, 4 books
Karen A Welk, 4 books
Paul M. Insel, 3 books
Fahey, Thomas D., 3 books
Garry Egger, 3 books
Paulette Maisner, 3 books
Kaye Foster-Powell, 3 books
Eve Cameron, 3 books
Arabella Melville, 3 books
Nic Rowley, 3 books
Colin Johnson, 3 books
Ruth Lindsey, 3 books
Michael H. Hamrick, 2 books
Liz Wilde, 2 books
Anita Bean, 2 books
Kathy Matthews, 2 books
Dagmar Von Cramm, 2 books
Angelika Ilies, 2 books
Vicki Peterson, 2 books
Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, 2 books
Lynne Robinson, 2 books
R. P. Dickey, 2 books


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