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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack D. Schwager, 7 books
Jacob Bernstein, 5 books
Robert W. Kolb, 5 books
Chicago Board of Trade, 5 books
John Labuszewski, 3 books
Hull, John, 3 books
Philippe Jorion, 3 books
Robert T. Daigler, 3 books
Sŏn Yi, 3 books
Joseph D. Koziol, 2 books
Raymond M. Leuthold, 2 books
M. Desmond Fitzgerald, 2 books
Michael H. Hyman, 2 books
Jake Bernstein, 2 books
Kevin Dowd, 2 books
Barry Goss, 2 books
Stefan Bernstein, 2 books
George Angell, 2 books
Dowd, Kevin., 2 books
Constantin Zopounidis, 2 books
Han-su Kim, 2 books
Courtney Smith, 2 books
Mitchel Abolafia, 2 books
J. Peter Steidlmayer, 2 books
Keith K. H. Park, 2 books


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