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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Susanna Moore, 3 books
Arnaldo Rascovsky, 3 books
Ann Rule, 3 books
Patricia Suter, 2 books
Cheryl Meyer, 2 books
Michelle Oberman, 2 books
Erich Hackl, 2 books
Betty Sowers Alt, 2 books
David Bagby, 2 books
Wendel Allen, 1 book
Kawaguchi, Eiji., 1 book
Matthew Benns, 1 book
Geoffrey R. McKee, 1 book
Norma Khouri, 1 book
Smith, Carlton, 1 book
Ania Wilczynski, 1 book
Adriano Prosperi, 1 book
David Smith, 1 book
Kelly White, 1 book
Michael Benson, 1 book
Suzanne O'Malley, 1 book
Michelle Rone, 1 book
Carol Rothgeb, 1 book
Scott Cupp, 1 book
Sian Busby, 1 book


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