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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Huimin Huang, 3 books
Alan Kam-leung Chan, 2 books
Cottin Madame, 2 books
Feng, Zuomin., 2 books
Buddhist Text Translation Society, 2 books
Rong Huang, 2 books
Takao Shimomi, 2 books
Sor-hoon Tan, 2 books
W. L. Idema, 2 books
Ik-su Kim, 2 books
Qunzhong Xiao, 2 books
Shufang Xu, 2 books
Kyu-t'ak Sŏng, 2 books
Zhengyan Shi, 2 books
Sudarshan Bhikshu., 1 book
Zhong, Youlian., 1 book
Lou, Zikuang, 1 book
Son, In-su., 1 book
Yun, Sŏng-bŏm, 1 book
Pae, Kap-che., 1 book
Harold J. Isaacson, 1 book
Yi, Chung-yŏn., 1 book
Goh, Pei Ki., 1 book
Leela Jyoti, 1 book
Āśā Siromaṇi, 1 book


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