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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sylvie Fleury, 3 books
Gerd Woll, 2 books
Daniel Birnbaum, 2 books
Franz Ackermann, 2 books
Eleanor Heartney, 2 books
Lev Manovich, 2 books
Roger M. Buergel, 2 books
National Portrait Gallery, 2 books
Mark Rosenthal, 2 books
Rima Canaan, 2 books
Mike Kelley, 2 books
Wayne Baerwaldt, 2 books
Chazen Museum of Art, 2 books
Jens Hoffman, 2 books
Thierry Davila, 2 books
Prestel, 2 books
Roger Malbert, 2 books
Ruth Noack, 2 books
Michel Auder, 2 books
Consuelo Ciscar, 2 books
Pipilotti Rist, 2 books
Nam June Paik, 2 books
Cornelia Lauf, 2 books
Mario Merz, 2 books
Peter Halley, 2 books


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