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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ernest W. Flick, 11 books
Irene Ash, 4 books
Josef Barthel, 4 books
Michael Ash, 4 books
Alain Chauvel, 3 books
J. H. Harker, 3 books
IEEE, 3 books
R. Neueder, 3 books
Gilles Lefebvre, 3 books
Joseph F. Louvar, 3 books
Daniel A. Crowl, 2 books
T. E. Daubert, 2 books
Helmut Greif, 2 books
United Nations., 2 books
Richard Rogers (unidentified), 2 books
George Stephanopoulos, 2 books
Warren D. Seider, 2 books
James Lindsay White, 2 books
David A. Cornwell, 2 books
Robert H. Perry, 2 books
Mackenzie L Davis, 2 books
J. F. Richardson, 2 books
Wen-Ching Yang, 2 books
J. F. Kennedy, 2 books
G. O. Phillips, 2 books


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