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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Terrell Carver, 4 books
Janet Sayers, 2 books
Mary Evans, 2 books
Nanneke Redclift, 2 books
Samuel Hollander, 2 books
Vincent Geoghegan, 2 books
Charles Woolfson, 2 books
W. O. Henderson, 2 books
Heinz-Ludger Borgert, 1 book
Ernesto Guevara, 1 book
Rainer Ganahl, 1 book
Mary Evans, 1 book
Richard B. Day, 1 book
James Farr, 1 book
T. Carver, 1 book
Rachel Corbett, 1 book
John L. Stanley, 1 book
Levine, Norman, 1 book
Gerald Hubmann, 1 book
W. O. Henderson, 1 book
Roland Boer, 1 book
S. H. Rigby, 1 book
Manfred B. Steger, 1 book
Leszek Kołakowski, 1 book
John Stanley, 1 book


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