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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sheila Hollins, 14 books
Valerie Sinason, 5 books
Bryony Beresford, 5 books
Margaret MacAdam, 4 books
Patricia Sloper, 4 books
Roy I. Brown, 3 books
Ruth Townsley, 3 books
James Hogg, 3 books
David Thompson, 3 books
Norman N. Pringle, 3 books
Harry McConnell, 3 books
Northern Ireland Disability Council, 3 books
Colin Barnes, 3 books
Lesley Jones, 2 books
Maureen E. Neistadt, 2 books
John Turnbull, 2 books
Dorothy M. Jeffree, 2 books
Sally Baldwin, 2 books
Philippa Russell, 2 books
Hilary Brown, 2 books
Paul Reynolds, 2 books
Carol Robinson, 2 books
Ann Craft, 2 books
Philip Seed, 2 books
Sue Middleton, 2 books


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