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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Li, Min., 5 books
American Dietetic Association, 5 books
Carroll A. Lutz, 4 books
Mingjie Sun, 4 books
Hongjun Bo, 4 books
Jim Mann, 3 books
A. Stewart Truswell, 3 books
Wei Zhao, 3 books
Sharon Rady Rolfes, 3 books
Joel Fuhrman, 3 books
June Payne-Palacio, 3 books
Chicago Dietetic Association, 3 books
Briony Thomas, 3 books
Jiang Ou Yang, 3 books
Shizhong Lin, 3 books
Kang Yu, 3 books
Lucinda K. Lysen, 3 books
Xiaohan Li, 3 books
Roy E. Vartabedian, 2 books
Michael J. Gibney, 2 books
Lisa Hark, 2 books
Alida Frances Pattee, 2 books
F. W. Pavy, 2 books
Carolyn Newton Gallender, 2 books
John Ayrton Paris, 2 books


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