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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gregory Bock, 2 books
Gail Cardew, 2 books
Laurent Meijer, 2 books
David M. Prescott, 1 book
Jamie Goode, 1 book
C. Fred Fox, 1 book
Arthur M. Zimmerman, 1 book
Daniel Mazia, 1 book
James F. Whitfield, 1 book
J. Crocker, 1 book
D. Francis, 1 book
Peter R. Cook, 1 book
Judith Campisi, 1 book
Mathias Bähr, 1 book
Armelle Jezequel, 1 book
Morad A.Abou- Sabe, 1 book
Ross, Jeffrey S., 1 book
Gary S. Stein, 1 book
Lee Vogel, 1 book
Pavel Kraikivski, 1 book
Cooper, Stephen, 1 book


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