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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Denys Cazet, 17 books
Todd Aaron Smith, 7 books
Phylliss Adams, 6 books
Jingyu Zhang, 6 books
Doreen Cronin, 4 books
Robert Kinerk, 4 books
D. N. Jha, 3 books
Karma Wilson, 3 books
Alsdorf, Ludwig, 3 books
Gail Gibbons, 3 books
Bernard Most, 3 books
Toby Speed, 3 books
Alma Flor Ada, 3 books
Carmen Agra Deedy, 3 books
Judy Wolfman, 3 books
ʻAbdulkarīm Pārikh, 2 books
Victoria Forrester, 2 books
Lisa Wheeler, 2 books
Cecilia Minden, 2 books
Michelle Medlock Adams, 2 books
Patricia M. Stockland, 2 books
Stacy Taus-Bolstad, 2 books
Pam Scheunemann, 2 books
Janet Pedersen, 2 books
Linda Aspen-Baxter, 2 books


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