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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Simonetta Lupi Vada, 2 books
Valentina Harris, 2 books
Jack Denton Scott, 1 book
Anne Ager, 1 book
Myra Street, 1 book
Ursel Norman, 1 book
Marie Simmons, 1 book
Efrem Calingaert, 1 book
Ian Burleigh, 1 book
Serwer, 1 book
Rose Elliot, 1 book
Judy Ridgway, 1 book
Patricia Lousada, 1 book
Viana La Place, 1 book
Lesley Mackley, 1 book
Diane Seed, 1 book
Antonio Piccinardi, 1 book
Vincenzo Buonassisi, 1 book
Maria Luisa Scott, 1 book
Audrey Ellis, 1 book
Lizzie Spender, 1 book


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