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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wendy Pini, 12 books
Richard Pini, 11 books
Charles M. Schulz, 10 books
Chao Jin, 10 books
CLAMP, 9 books
Hergé, 8 books
Zhizhong Cai, 7 books
Warren Ellis, 7 books
Stan Lee, 7 books
Masashi Kishimoto, 6 books
Joss Whedon, 6 books
Roger Stern, 6 books
Steve Willis, 6 books
Yoshinori Kobayashi, 6 books
Willy Vandersteen, 6 books
Gardner F. Fox, 5 books
Frank Miller, 5 books
Stan Sakai, 5 books
Greg Rucka, 4 books
Jerry Siegel, 4 books
Dan Jurgens, 4 books
J. Torres, 4 books
Scott Lobdell, 4 books
Bill Finger, 4 books
Ferrandez, 4 books


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