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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wendon Blake, 7 books
M. E. Chevreul, 3 books
Jean Clay, 3 books
Ogden N. Rood, 3 books
Sadao Hibi, 3 books
Julie Aigner-Clark, 3 books
Becky Koenig, 3 books
William F. Powell, 3 books
Sol Lewitt, 3 books
Derek Jarman, 3 books
Albert Ayme, 3 books
Rolf G. Kuehni, 3 books
Faber Birren, 3 books
Gage, John., 3 books
Harald Küppers, 3 books
George Rodrigue, 3 books
Jeanne Dobie, 2 books
Vincent J. Bruno, 2 books
Ernst Strauss, 2 books
Israel Pedrosa, 2 books
Merlin Enabnit, 2 books
Bijou Le Tord, 2 books
Nita Leland, 2 books
Elena Poniatowska, 2 books
Russell, John, 2 books


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