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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean Piaget, 40 books
Usha Goswami, 10 books
Andreas Demetriou, 10 books
Jean Piaget, 10 books
Arthur L. Costa, 9 books
Jerome Kagan, 8 books
Belle Wallace, 7 books
Oates, John, 7 books
Sohan Modgil, 7 books
Robert S. Siegler, 7 books
Alison Gopnik, 7 books
Daniel N. Osherson, 6 books
Charles J. Brainerd, 6 books
George Butterworth, 6 books
Robbie Case, 6 books
Henry M. Wellman, 5 books
Johanna Turner, 5 books
Michael Siegal, 5 books
Margaret L. Harris, 5 books
Robert V. Kail, 5 books
Howard Black, 5 books
Jacques Montangero, 5 books
John H. Flavell, 5 books
Barry J. Wadsworth, 5 books
Jerome S. Bruner, 5 books


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