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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ray Foley, 20 books
Ben Reed, 8 books
Susan Waggoner, 8 books
Cheryl Charming, 7 books
Mittie Hellmich, 7 books
Salvatore Calabrese, 7 books
Thomas Mario, 6 books
A. J. Rathbun, 6 books
Gary Regan, 6 books
Kim Haasarud, 5 books
Jacques Sallé, 4 books
Trader Vic., 4 books
Paul Knorr, 4 books
Olivier Said, 4 books
Valerie Peterson, 4 books
Robert Plotkin, 4 books
Patrick Gavin Duffy, 3 books
Jerry Thomas, 3 books
Alan Axelrod, 3 books
John Zmirak, 3 books
Deborah M. Schneider, 3 books
Natalie Bovis-Nelsen, 3 books
William T. Boothby, 3 books
Zane Lamprey, 3 books
Jackson, Michael, 2 books


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