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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chuck, Holton, 5 books
Oliver North, 5 books
Dwight Longenecker, 2 books
Tony Campolo, 2 books
John Martin, 2 books
Peter Sedgwick, 1 book
Michael J. Schultheis, 1 book
Richard G. Bennett, 1 book
Emily Faugno, 1 book
Jerome R. Koch, 1 book
Al Janssen, 1 book
Pat Nolan, 1 book
James P. Gills, 1 book
Jimmy H. Davis, 1 book
Tony Payne, 1 book
Lee Vukich, 1 book
Robert Lentz, 1 book
Grant M. Stoltzfus, 1 book
Peter Neilson, 1 book
Keith Ward, 1 book
Norman L. Geisler, 1 book
Luise Schottroff, 1 book
Albert N. Keim, 1 book
Ronald H. Nash, 1 book
Beverly Rodgers, 1 book


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