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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zoltán Kodály, 9 books
Lilla Belle Pitts, 8 books
Zolta n Koda ly, 6 books
Wilhelm Ehmann, 4 books
Warren Angell, 4 books
Nancy Telfer, 4 books
Peter W. Dykema, 4 books
M. Teresa Armitage, 4 books
Gilles Gaudet, 4 books
Helen Kemp, 4 books
Ivan Kortkamp, 3 books
Irvin Cooper, 3 books
Reginald Jacques, 3 books
Judy Gattis Smith, 3 books
Patrick K. Freer, 3 books
Matthew Mehaffey, 3 books
Betty Bedsole, 3 books
Brenda Smith, 3 books
Harold A. Decker, 2 books
Carl Eberhardt, 2 books
Robinson, Ray, 2 books
N. Uspenskīĭ, 2 books
Mary Helen Richards, 2 books
Will Earhart, 2 books
Duncan McKenzie, 2 books


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