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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jialuo Yang, 3 books
Ding, Jiatong., 2 books
Gai Wang, 2 books
Wen, Zhaotong., 1 book
Zhou, Lianggong, 1 book
Zhenjun, 1 book
Wang, Zhaoyong, 1 book
Lifu Wu, 1 book
Yongqing Yang, 1 book
Rentao Chen, 1 book
Chia-lo Yang, 1 book
Hua Xue, 1 book
Chengzu Shang, 1 book
Foting Lü, 1 book
Geng Zhang, 1 book
Guixiang Fang, 1 book
Jian'er Li, 1 book
Jiantong Lin, 1 book
Yuncan Peng, 1 book
Qin Xu, 1 book
Kisui Kamiya, 1 book
Jianmang Zhu, 1 book
Shaoshu Jiang, 1 book
Shuyu Tang, 1 book
Shu-yü T'ang, 1 book


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